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Things I’ve loved about summer

I’ve been home for a little while, and too busy catching up with family and eating lots of food I didn’t make to write anything. There was an amazing Brooklyn blackout cake, courtesy of my Mama, made for a cousin’s birthday, but I was too busy eating it to remember to take a picture. Foolish.

Things I’ve loved about summer:

  • Having time away in the Eden valley. The vegetable garden, lots of long walks, even if we got chased by a crazy bullock into a river.
  • Visiting Alnwick gardens with the family on a gorgeous Bank holiday Monday.
  • Getting excited about decorating a new flat.
  • Festival crazy time, though it was exhausting, it was fun.
  • My best friend in the whole world getting engaged – SO exciting.
  • Watching all of the first 4 seasons of Buffy the vampire slayer in a very short space of time. Bring on season 5.
  • Finishing my first actual knitted garment.
  • Being inspired to do lots more crafty things. Next project, a patchwork throw for my bed.
Super tasty round courgette, from the garden in Appleby.

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Thai food, German baking and a visit from Mummy

Paris, I’ll see you when the time’s right. Unfortunately, it looks like that’s going to be in a year’s time. In the long run, it’s a good thing, gives me a chance to focus on the reason I couldn’t spend the full year there in the first place. Also, I’m pleased the family have found someone at such short notice who is able to au pair for them for the full year. For the children, a stable presence is what’s best.

I’m also really pleased that a decision has been made, even if it isn’t the one I was hoping for. Now I can get on with things a day at a time, knowing what’s happening over the next year.

Yesterday I was visited by my lovely Mummy. We mostly did lots of eating, and unusually for us we didn’t go to any museums or galleries (which is a shame, because there are a lot of exhibitions in Edinburgh I’d love to see at the moment).

We intended to go have hot chocolate and churros at The Chocolate Tree, but they were absolutely full to bursting and sitting outside wasn’t an option, given the tendency of an Edinburgh August to downpour at any given moment. Instead, we went to Falko, a delightful German bakery just around the corner, and had cake and ice cream and hot chocolate and cardamom coffee until we couldn’t eat anymore.

Boy got his hands on some Dorset naga chillies this week, and was so very very excited by their spiciness. Last night there was a Thai inspired prawn curry (I was too scared to try more than a couple of prawns, but they were tasty, if quite hot.) We chopped lots of coriander, shallots, spring onions and garlic, grated ginger, and (with gloves on) chopped the scary chilli and fried them all up. Then we added helda beans, the prawns and a little coconut cream. It was beautiful.

I’ve just realised that the hob looks really dirty in that photo. Apologies. I’m not really a slob.



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The lobster quadrille

In “Alice in Wonderland,” when Alice meets the Mock Turtle, and they all have a bit of a song and dance. The chorus goes like this:

“Will you, won’t you,  will you, won’t you join the dance?”

That’s exactly where I am right now. Stuck in an endless circle of uncertainty. Maybe I’m going to Paris, maybe not. I know this is a massive moan, but I’m so unsure and it’s driving me crazy. I am SO ready to go to Paris for a bit, and get out of my fog in Edinburgh, so that I can come back with a fresh perspective. If that’s not to be, then it’s not going to be. However, the last-minute swinging from one to the other is leaving me on edge and unable to enjoy anything until I know one way for sure.

In other news, today I said goodbye to a very very good friend. He’s moving, with his lovely wife, to Hertfordshire, and I’m going to miss them both a lot.
Also, this puppy

stood on the “s” key on my keyboard, and broke it, which is making typing quite a bit more difficult. Although, fewer words have the letter s in than I thought.

I also visited one of my favourite families in the whole world today. I used to live with them for a summer while I was in between flats, and they are such a joy to be around, and have blessed me in so many ways. The newest addition to their family is a little guy named Ben, and he is absolutely adorable. I got to hang out with all 4 children, and have a great family dinner time with them all, it really made my afternoon a perfect one. They also found my camera, which had been missing for over a year. It’s really amazing to have something like that returned to you after so long, with photos on you forgot you’d even taken. It’s like finding an unlabelled analogue film, and going to get it developed. The excitement when you go to pick up a packet of pictures with no idea about what they could be is one of my favourite feelings. I’ve found some amazing pictures from the weddings of some good friends, and I’ll be uploading soon I’m sure.

I have a visit from Mummy Schultz tomorrow. Going to show her the beautiful festival Edinburgh, and also (eek) introduce her to my boy. Hopefully I’ll be able to persuade her to buy me the mustard skinny jeans I’ve been craving.

 I just learnt how to insert html links into text. Skill for the day I think. And I’m nearly finished knitting my scarf. Not bad for the end of August. Even if I don’t know which country I’ll be in this time next week, I’m taking comfort in the little things I accomplish, one at a time.



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Blueberry muffins, strudel cake, puppies and Paris!

As promised, here are the pictures of my baking. I spent all of my Wednesday off cleaning and baking and making pizza dough so that when boy came home we could cook up some tasty pizzas for all of his flatmates.

I took the blueberry muffins (in their amazing cases) into work, where they went down a storm in the cafe! I also forced strudel cake on people after pizza, but they were too stuffed to eat it. It has since been eaten, and deemed very tasty (thank you hummingbird recipe book).

Yesterday we were visited by the most adorable and grumpy cocker spaniel on the planet. Smudge belongs to boy’s parents, and maybe thinks he’s a person. We took him on a walk in the sunshine and gained a curious and chatty toddler for a while. Brilliant.

Today I found out that I’m going to be able to go to Paris after all! Only for a month, but that’s still amazing! I was supposed to be spending the year there as an au pair, starting in September, but some complicated things have meant that I can’t anymore. Fortunately, the family are going to need me for a month until they sort out someone else, so I’m going to be there for all of September. SO excited! More updates on that later, I’m sure.



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Today I will mostly be…

Having a day off during the festival is a surreal experience. So far I’ve been avoiding going to the gym (it’s working) and thinking about all of the baking I’m going to do. I’ve made the flat a not-so-quiet (gypsy music) empty sanctuary, and leaving will mean surrendering to the millions of visitors in Edinburgh right now. I love the festival, but there are so many people! So, rather than venturing out to watch shows, I’m going to be Martha Stewart today.

Boy started his job today. He arrived 40 minutes early. Super keen. I’m really looking forward to being able to visit him and get super discounted deli treats.

Expect pictures of the yummy baking and pizza I’m about to make.

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Once more, with feeling (and posts)

I promise that:
I will actually blog this time.
I will have something to say.

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