Blueberry muffins, strudel cake, puppies and Paris!

As promised, here are the pictures of my baking. I spent all of my Wednesday off cleaning and baking and making pizza dough so that when boy came home we could cook up some tasty pizzas for all of his flatmates.

I took the blueberry muffins (in their amazing cases) into work, where they went down a storm in the cafe! I also forced strudel cake on people after pizza, but they were too stuffed to eat it. It has since been eaten, and deemed very tasty (thank you hummingbird recipe book).

Yesterday we were visited by the most adorable and grumpy cocker spaniel on the planet. Smudge belongs to boy’s parents, and maybe thinks he’s a person. We took him on a walk in the sunshine and gained a curious and chatty toddler for a while. Brilliant.

Today I found out that I’m going to be able to go to Paris after all! Only for a month, but that’s still amazing! I was supposed to be spending the year there as an au pair, starting in September, but some complicated things have meant that I can’t anymore. Fortunately, the family are going to need me for a month until they sort out someone else, so I’m going to be there for all of September. SO excited! More updates on that later, I’m sure.




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