Thai food, German baking and a visit from Mummy

Paris, I’ll see you when the time’s right. Unfortunately, it looks like that’s going to be in a year’s time. In the long run, it’s a good thing, gives me a chance to focus on the reason I couldn’t spend the full year there in the first place. Also, I’m pleased the family have found someone at such short notice who is able to au pair for them for the full year. For the children, a stable presence is what’s best.

I’m also really pleased that a decision has been made, even if it isn’t the one I was hoping for. Now I can get on with things a day at a time, knowing what’s happening over the next year.

Yesterday I was visited by my lovely Mummy. We mostly did lots of eating, and unusually for us we didn’t go to any museums or galleries (which is a shame, because there are a lot of exhibitions in Edinburgh I’d love to see at the moment).

We intended to go have hot chocolate and churros at The Chocolate Tree, but they were absolutely full to bursting and sitting outside wasn’t an option, given the tendency of an Edinburgh August to downpour at any given moment. Instead, we went to Falko, a delightful German bakery just around the corner, and had cake and ice cream and hot chocolate and cardamom coffee until we couldn’t eat anymore.

Boy got his hands on some Dorset naga chillies this week, and was so very very excited by their spiciness. Last night there was a Thai inspired prawn curry (I was too scared to try more than a couple of prawns, but they were tasty, if quite hot.) We chopped lots of coriander, shallots, spring onions and garlic, grated ginger, and (with gloves on) chopped the scary chilli and fried them all up. Then we added helda beans, the prawns and a little coconut cream. It was beautiful.

I’ve just realised that the hob looks really dirty in that photo. Apologies. I’m not really a slob.




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