Things I’ve loved about summer

I’ve been home for a little while, and too busy catching up with family and eating lots of food I didn’t make to write anything. There was an amazing Brooklyn blackout cake, courtesy of my Mama, made for a cousin’s birthday, but I was too busy eating it to remember to take a picture. Foolish.

Things I’ve loved about summer:

  • Having time away in the Eden valley. The vegetable garden, lots of long walks, even if we got chased by a crazy bullock into a river.
  • Visiting Alnwick gardens with the family on a gorgeous Bank holiday Monday.
  • Getting excited about decorating a new flat.
  • Festival crazy time, though it was exhausting, it was fun.
  • My best friend in the whole world getting engaged – SO exciting.
  • Watching all of the first 4 seasons of Buffy the vampire slayer in a very short space of time. Bring on season 5.
  • Finishing my first actual knitted garment.
  • Being inspired to do lots more crafty things. Next project, a patchwork throw for my bed.
Super tasty round courgette, from the garden in Appleby.
Curious cows, not the threatening ones.
My stunning, and very talented little sister, frowning at me in Alnwick.
Apologies for the large number of photos. These are mostly pre-blog, and I had to get them out there somewhere. Plus, I’m snap happy. All are taken with a hipstamatic for iphone, and I’m stuck in a rut with lens choice so they all look the same. I’m trying to start using instagram, but I’m enjoying it less. All suggestions welcome.
Normal, non-rambly blog to follow tomorrow.
love, becs

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