Moving house, Mad Men, and Mexican

This week I got the keys to my wonderful new flat. Unfortunately I have to wait a whole week until I get some internet. Gosh. What I’ve been enjoying, though, is that while unpacking, I’ve been able to have Mad Men on in the background. I’ve gotten through two and a half seasons so far, and a lot of things are still in boxes. I don’t think it’s the most efficient way to unpack, but it’s definitely a lot of fun.

Moving also means making a big effort to make sure first meals in the flat are extra tasty. My favourite thing this week has been having some incredible chilli fajitas surrounded by boxes in boy’s new living room (boy is also moving, busy busy).

I made the salsa, because it tastes best when you make it yourself, and boy mostly made the chilli to fill up the wraps. It was very messy, and very tasty.

Moving in also meant I brought a lot of things up from home. I am finally reunited with all of my boxes of books, and my Mummy’s sewing machine. I’m going to be so crafty in the couple of weeks before course starts! And maybe as a break from studies during term time as well.

This week I’m also getting two new additions to my house. I went to visit 2 lionhead bunnies on Saturday, and they’re going to come live with me forever at the end of the week.

Aren’t they adorable!


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