Summer in Scotland

Today has been a perfect day. Walked to work in the rain with my beautiful umbrella, and worked a little shift with lovely people. Then I came home and donned sweats to clean. I love the post cleaning feel, when everything is fresh and exactly how you want it. Then the lovely Nicola came over and we had beautiful pomegranate and halloumi salad, followed by pea and mint risotto and then passion fruit tart. Beautiful.

There will be a photo of the gorgeous colourful salad here when I can work out how to access photos I took using Instagram. (EDIT: found them all in my iphone photos – they’d been there all along. Duh.)

We sprinkled the halloumi slices with a little cayenne before grilling them so they got melty and lovely. The salad is a mixture of crunchy leaves and a lot of rocket, with some red onion very finely chopped. On top of that was a little drizzle of olive oil and balsamic before we added the halloumi and pomegranate seeds. This was my first attempt at deseeding a pomegranate. They’re pretty tricky things.

Inspiration for this salad came from here, which in turn came from a google search and I’m now totally in love with the eat like a girl blog.

Nowhere boy is on channel 4. It was at a screening of “Nowhere Boy” at the Cameo in Edinburgh that I first met my boy. We both went to see it with the same mutual friend. I don’t remember very much about him, it was mostly dark. I didn’t think watching this film would give me the happy fuzzy feeling, we barely spoke that day. But it does.

All week we’ve had weather from the summer that never was.  It’s over now, but it was a beautiful few days. I enjoyed getting a last couple of outings in my favourite summer outfits, and now I can look forward to getting into proper wooly jumper and welly season. I love when the leaves start to fall. The meadows are stunning in all of that colour. Brilliant.


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