Food glorious food?

Two little bunnies started eating vegetables this week! We’re starting with romaine lettuce leaves, and the occasional raisin for treat time. Their first introduction to lettuce went down a storm, with all of the lettuce disappearing very very quickly. Hopefully this addition to their diet will stop them trying to chew cables and bookcases quite so much.

This is a picture of only Luna, because Tonks always gets red eye in pictures. Not sure why, but it means I can’t just insert a picture straight away.

Today I also discovered and it has really challenged me. I am a big lover of food. I love cooking it, I love eating it, I love planning it. The planning bit, however, is where I fall short. And this is causing additional problems. I like to decide what I’m eating just before I cook it. This usually means a trip to the supermarket to buy everything I need every day. Obviously I can’t sustain that sort of lifestyle. This also means that all the extra bits I didn’t use up get forgotten. Good.

So. Step one, involves a little purchase I’ve been wanting to make for quite a long time. Here, on etsy, is a brilliant shop located not very far from me, and Martin the owner has just started making me a beautiful chalkboard. The chalkboard will hang in a prominent place in my kitchen, and once a week I will plan a full week of eating. Love food hate waste is very good for this. There are a lot of ideas that I’m a big fan of, but only rarely use. My favourite is cook once, eat twice (or three times, if you’re lucky). A roast chicken can go a long way, especially if, like me, your idea of domestic bliss is making your own stock from a chicken carcass.

Step two is about always knowing what’s in my kitchen, especially the fridge. Currently in my fridge there are 4 very full tubes of tomato puree. Only two people live in this house, and one of them is currently on a great tour of the US of A. I am to blame, therefore, for at least 3 of these tubes. Shameful.

Step three, make much more out of leftovers and odds and ends. I find that if I’m uninspired by the things at home, I’ll pop out to the shop and buy a whole selection of new ingredients, usually leaving the rejected food to go off in the fridge, neglected for a long time. I’m not challenging myself in the kitchen by doing this. When I was much younger, I used to throw anything in a pan and see what happened. My cautious behaviour is wasting food, and killing my creativity in the kitchen. I’d like to make one meal a week out of the bits and pieces left from other meals. Even if it starts out as just stir frying all the vegetables in the fridge.

Step four, think more about how much food I throw away, and the many who go hungry. A friend posted this link on facebook and pretty much inspired this whole post. Although I’m not a big company throwing away lots and lots of food every day, I’m still contributing to the problem. And there are a number of things I can do to help. Fareshare have depots all over the country, and if I can’t commit to volunteering or donating, they still need store cupboard ingredients to go alongside their donations from larger companies who give perishables. So, step four isn’t something I’ve done before, I’m going to organise a food drive. If I’m going to be reducing my waste and saving money, then surely I can donate some cupboard basics. And if I can, then why can’t other people?

love, becs


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