A Martha Stewart Weekend

This weekend has been busy busy. I invited a whole lot of folk over Saturday night for a roast without much planning, which was brilliant. We had a lot of lamb, boy had a whole sea bass, and I made yorkshire puddings for the first time since I was very very young. I managed to mess them up back then, but this time they turned out (almost) perfectly. The best thing about the roast, aside from lovely company and lovely wine, was being able to have leftovers for lunch today. Tasty.

I didn’t take a picture of any roast or any of my lovely friends enjoying said meal. Foolish. Here is a picture of the amazing lasagne I made last night instead.

I used onions, garlic, an aubergine, two courgettes, a red and orange pepper, and a whole lot of mushrooms. Then I added basil and oregano, a little bit of paprika, and lots of tomatoes. I layered tomatoey mixture, then cheese sauce (made in the usual way, butter, flour, milk, then strong cheddar) followed by a layer of spinach and fresh lasagne sheets. Repeat until the oven dish is full. Cover in parmesan, basil and  cherry tomatoes and then bake for 20 minutes or so. Standard lasagne. Beautiful.

Yesterday, I put up some shelves, noisily.

For my birthday, many moons ago, boy bought me a bottle of St. Germain, among other things. It’s possibly my favourite drink now, aside from prosecco. I love elderflower. Also, the bottle is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

These are some photos from Arthur’s seat. We clambered up last week on a very very windy day. We had to slide down a little way, and boy got a little scared and took twice as long as anyone else, but aside from that it was beautiful.

I love this city.

love, becs


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