Oh what a night!

This weekend was fun. Flatmate turned the ripe old age of 29, and we celebrated with cocktails and Prosecco at the Voodoo rooms. It’s such a beautiful venue. Last time I was there was during the summer for an event called White Mink, an electro-swing evening. Everyone dressed in their finest twenties garb, and drank Courvoiser cocktails. Lots of fun.

We had a cocktail in a Hendrick’s teapot, flavoured with rose lemonade. A little too floral for my taste, but beautiful nonetheless. We shared a bottle of Prosecco, and followed it with gin and tonics. I love Hendrick’s gin. Yum. I also invented my favourite drink ever. Double Hendrick’s, one shot of St. Germain, and topped up with tonic. I think it would be nicer with prosecco instead of tonic, but I couldn’t afford to ask for that as well.

We danced to classic 80’s hits until it was time to leave. My Ruby Woo lipstick lasted all night, without reapplying. Impressive.

My lovely friend Steph was there. I’ve not seen her in what feels like forever, and it was SO lovely. She’s a stunner.

Boy couldn’t make it, he was snowed under a heap of essay, and had to stay up many many nights in a row. So here is a picture of him dressed as a dog, and pulling a face. He’s a good one.

love, becs


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