Back to School Burgers

I spent the whole Christmas break, and a little bit of extra time before and after it, avoiding my inbox, my studies, and least importantly, my blog. I think it’s time for me to get back to my life. I’m answering my heap of emails, and I’m on top of my studies, despite a little tummy bug. Sharing photos is next on my list.

I had planned to write about my rapidly expanding camera army, but that may have to be another day. Instead, it’s burger date time. Yesterday, boy and I went on an adventure to the Royal Mail depot, to pick up his new copy of “Cookin’ with Coolio” (if you’re even vaguely interested, buy it, purely for novelty value. It’s hilarious.) We had planned on having lunch in a little cute cafe somewhere, but instead ended up in Charlotte Square, and unable to resist the call of Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

I had planned on a buffalo burger, but they were all out. Sad. Instead I had a greek lamb with hummus, sweet chilli, and tzatziki. I was a bit worried about the combination of many sauces, but it was delicious.

Boy had a malay burger I think, but it wasn’t a burger, more a combination of vegetables. Pretty tasty though.

Onion rings were delicious, as were skinny fries with rosemary salt, and homeslaw.

We left very very full, and very very happy.

Some time soon, I’ll post about the amazing banjo jumper DIY I made, my amazing collection of cameras, a gorgeous French cafe along my street (with beautiful macarons), and an impending trip to Wannaburger! My plan is to try out as many burgers in Edinburgh as possible.

Here’s a token photo of Kingsley, to make your day cuter.

Photo of Cedric next time.

love, becs


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One response to “Back to School Burgers

  1. Welcome back! Missed your blog. Your life is just too cute.

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