In which I have my first ever milkshake

Last week, I continued my amazing burger adventure at Wannaburger. Yum. I ordered a Harry Redknapp meal. That was the special that day. I don’t eat football people. It had 2 burgers, mozzarella, bacon, and pesto. It was beautiful.

It was a whole lot messier than GBK the week before, no plates or cutlery here, but mmm it was good. I maybe made a fool of myself at the self service drinks counter. Too much ice, pour it into boy’s cup, too little ice, try to get some more, oops too much. But there was 7up! 7up is maybe the only fizzy drink I tolerate (aside from prosecco, sparkling water, and elderflower) and it was SO FIZZY. And also super refreshing, and unlimited refills. Excellent.

We also had cajun fries, regular fries, and onion rings. Beautiful.

This week, I have been working a LOT, and studying even more. I’ve also been enjoying how it’s Spring in Edinburgh all of a sudden. I’ve seen so many crocuses attempting to peek out of the soil, and the weather has been so lovely. I’ve also been stalking James McAvoy (he’s been filming outside my workplace), and going on long long walks with boyface. Lastly, I’ve been enjoying my first ice cream of the year (elderberry, yum), and pretending it’s summer. Perfect.

Bunnies are still living with boy, which makes me very sad, I miss their little snuffly faces first thing in the morning. Hopefully they’ll be coming back to me this weekend.

This is analogue books. It’s an incredible shop just off the Grassmarket, and it sells beautiful beautiful books.

Have a lovely Friday,



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