Snap happy

I’ve got a problem. It’s a pretty major camera addiction.

Over the last couple of years, my analogue camera collection has exploded a little.

It all started when I managed to grab a gorgeous preloved Fisheye camera on ebay for not very much money at all.

I then became a Lomography addict. Fisheye was followed with Diana F+, who I’m still getting to grips with. 120mm film is difficult!

I stole a lovely analogue SLR from my Mama. It makes the most amazing sound when you press the shutter. Perfect.

Then, just before Christmas, a Polaroid camera came to live with me forever. It looks straight out of the 90s. Brilliant.

Next comes a Holga 35mm, can’t wait!

There’s nothing better than picking up newly developed film. I love it.

This evening I’m off to see the Artist with my boy (can’t believe I haven’t been to see it yet), and drinking Hendrick’s and tonic in a teacup.

love, becs


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  1. Ali

    Great collection, like it..

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