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I’ve been dying to try clams for quite some time. So when my lovely friend Gabby said she had a whole lot of frozen clams and wanted a bunch of folk to come over for linguine alla vongole, I jumped at the chance.

We used a recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Notes from my kitchen table. Put 1 kilo of linguine in boiling water with plenty of salt and a tiny glug of oil. Cook 12 cloves of garlic and a couple of big pinches of crushed chillies in a big wok for a couple of minutes, then add 12 anchovies. When the anchovies melt into the oil, add about 500g cherry tomatoes crushed a little bit with your hands.

Add 250ml of white wine (a big glass), and boil for a minute or so. Then in go the clams, and on goes a lid. Gwyneth said about 900g for 4 people, but we were cooking for 7, and only had a kilo. It worked out pretty well anyway.

When the clams open up (3 minutes or so), remove the lid, and let the sauce reduce for a little while. Add a huge handful of chopped parsley (Gwyneth said basil, but we decided parsley would be better). Then add the linguine, and mix it all together.

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On beauty

This week, I really love Edinburgh.

Maybe it’s because it (finally) feels like it’s maybe not such a struggle to get out of bed and ready for class in the morning.

Maybe it’s because Spring has certainly sprung, and oh gosh, Edinburgh looks amazing.

Maybe I’m just having a good couple of weeks. If so, I intend to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

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Today I am…

Guest blogging over at the lovely FrockStock blog.

There are a whole lot of folk blogging every day for all of March, so you should head over there and check it out.

I’ve shared a whoopie pie recipe there, so once you’ve had some blog love, go straight to the kitchen and bake. You won’t regret it.

I’m going to watch Dawson’s Creek with my bunnies now.

Have a great weekend!

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Pad who now?

I just wrote a whole post, and then deleted it with an elephant photo. Weird.

I think it’s maybe too late for me to be doing computer things.

I wanted to share a pad thai recipe, because last night we had some friends over, and shared some huge king prawns.

The recipe was based on a mash up of a recipe I learnt in Thailand a few years ago, a Delia Smith classic, and us really wanting to add ginger to it.

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At the Zoo!

Last week my sister came up to visit for a couple of days. It was excellent!
Alice, boy, and I went to the zoo to see the new pandas, we ate lots of lovely mussels (for the record, two kilos is too much for three people, even if they are super hungry.)

I mostly took pictures at the zoo.
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