Pad who now?

I just wrote a whole post, and then deleted it with an elephant photo. Weird.

I think it’s maybe too late for me to be doing computer things.

I wanted to share a pad thai recipe, because last night we had some friends over, and shared some huge king prawns.

The recipe was based on a mash up of a recipe I learnt in Thailand a few years ago, a Delia Smith classic, and us really wanting to add ginger to it.

We cooked shallots, ginger, garlic and chillies in a big wok, and then added baby aubergine, oyster mushrooms, and pak choi.

Add prawns and noodles, and then, when they’re nicely cooked, pour over some beaten egg (like egg fried rice). Stir stir stir, then add soy sauce (we hate fish sauce), coriander, and spring onions. Then serve in nice big bowls with extra chopped coriander, limes, bashed peanuts, chillies, and spring onion.

Eat like you haven’t seen food all day.

Warning, token holiday snap!

This is the elephant photo which destroyed everything earlier, but I’m really committed to the sharing of holiday photos. Also, no, that is not boy, it is my old flatmate. Everyone we met in Thailand assumed we were married.

Have a lovely Friday!

love, becs


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