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On y va

I’m in the middle of a very long set of train journeys.  I left Tournan en Brie about 7 and a half hours ago, and I’m due in Edinburgh in 3.

This is the stir fry I promised last week. Apologies for the delay, and also apologies that it’s really a pretty obvious recipe.

Marinate chicken in soy sauce, oyster sauce, lime juice, chilli, and sesame oil. Fry shallots, garlic, and spring onions in flavourless oil in a wok. When they’re soft, add chilli and grated ginger, and stir for another couple of minutes.

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I heart vintage

When I was 14, I went on a German exchange. After Sigrid had visited my family, we exchanged letters and emails until it was time for me to head over to Freiburg. In April, I received a letter from her, containing a picture of her house surrounded by about 4 feet of snow. On the back it had what she told me was an old German saying, which roughly translates as “In April, the weather does whatever it likes.”

This April, the weather really has been doing whatever the heck it wants.

Yesterday, I got caught in heavy rainshowers, and blown to pieces, and forced to stop in the street to remove many layers because it was SO FLIPPING WARM.

After work, I headed to Out of the Blue, just off Leith walk, for a vintage kilo sale.

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Easter lamb

Yep, Easter was over a week ago, but lamb is just coming into season, and it’s about to get super tasty.

While I was at home for Easter, my Granny gave me a beautiful old book called The World’s Best Recipes. Beautiful. It was published in 1955, and has a perfect old book smell.

From this book, Granny recommended an Easter recipe for a leg of lamb. It’s called Abbacchio al Forno, and I’d like to share it with you.

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Bridal shower, part 2

I found the previously missing photos. Winner.

Prepare for lots of pictures of baked goods, doilies, flowers, and salads.

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Bridal shower and April showers

A couple of weekends ago I helped to organise the bridal shower and hen party of my lovely friend Lesley. She’s not getting married until early June, but there are important exams for a couple of bridesmaids (myself included) between now and then.

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Happy Bunday

Happy Easter!

I’ve got some beautiful recipes to share tomorrow and for the next week. Hopefully I’ll be more reliable then.

For now, here are 2 of my favourite boys.


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Lunchtime mushroom burgers

To continue my burger quest, boy and I have been trying to perfect the portobello mushroom burger.

Portobello mushrooms are my favourite – they’re super easy to cook, and they make a great burger. We marinate them in olive oil, parsley, garlic, and lemon juice for half an hour or so before grilling them.

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