Bridal shower and April showers

A couple of weekends ago I helped to organise the bridal shower and hen party of my lovely friend Lesley. She’s not getting married until early June, but there are important exams for a couple of bridesmaids (myself included) between now and then.

The afternoon was my baby. I’ve been on Pinterest pretty much since the second I found out that she was engaged, pinning inspiration for the shower and I think in my head I definitely went overboard.

I had some gorgeous pictures of the table with all of the goodies, the bunting, the cake stands. It was beautiful. But I think I’ve lost them in an act of great stupidity (wiped my iPhoto. Bad times).

This dress is from frockstock. It’s gorgeous, and I PROMISE to put up proper pictures of it soon.

In reality, I spent last Friday baking up a storm, with a little help from Mama Schultz. She was especially helpful when I thought everything was going wrong and wanted to throw it all out and start again. I get grumpy when I’m not used to an oven, and I’ve not baked at home in a long time.

There were red velvet whoopie pies, blueberry muffins, vanilla cupcakes with icing butterflies (that was my Mama, I’m definitely not that talented yet), chocolate brownies, and a beautiful Victoria sponge which I filled on arrival with cream, raspberries, and raspberry jam. I made a pomegranate and halloumi salad, and a standard Greek salad with tasty croutons too. There was also lemonade which I added extra tasty bits too – one was strawberry and basil, and one was cucumber and mint. Yum.

Other guests brought lovely baked goods, and everyone brought a pair of knickers for the panty raffle (by far my favourite part).

After afternoon tea, panty raffle, and prosecco, we went to a Chinese restaurant/karaoke bar.  That was a whole lot of fun. I rapped a lot of Backstreet boys. Then on to the (in my opinion) only good club in Newcastle, World Headquarters. It was ace. There will now follow a couple of photos.

Tomorrow I promise to take a break from studying for finals and blog a delicious lamb recipe I got from my Granny when I was at home last weekend.


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