I heart vintage

When I was 14, I went on a German exchange. After Sigrid had visited my family, we exchanged letters and emails until it was time for me to head over to Freiburg. In April, I received a letter from her, containing a picture of her house surrounded by about 4 feet of snow. On the back it had what she told me was an old German saying, which roughly translates as “In April, the weather does whatever it likes.”

This April, the weather really has been doing whatever the heck it wants.

Yesterday, I got caught in heavy rainshowers, and blown to pieces, and forced to stop in the street to remove many layers because it was SO FLIPPING WARM.

After work, I headed to Out of the Blue, just off Leith walk, for a vintage kilo sale.

There were rails and rails of vintage clothes everywhere, and everything was being sold for £15 per kilo.

 I bought mostly Granny-esque skirts. I’m looking forward to getting to wear them when the weather gets better and I don’t have to wear tights anymore. There are a lot of florals, and it’s all beautiful. There’s also a beautiful (very large) silk shirt, I intend to wear it as a dress. Or maybe when I’m pretending to be a painter.

When I got home, I made an amazing stir fry. Recipe to follow later today.

The cow, and the Dig for Victory poster were both in the entrance of Out of the Blue. I thought they were excellent.

This is a gratuitous picture of Smudge. I’ve been visiting the boy at his parents’ house this week. Smudge was, as always, excellent. As were the rest of the Graham clan.



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