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Even more vintage

As a light study break, last weekend I went to a vintage fair with my lovely friend Kat.

Run by the same folk that organised the vintage kilo sale I went to a month or so ago, this event showcased a lot of local independent vintage retailers, including Miss Dixiebelle, a shop just down the road from me. They were styling the most beautiful hairdos. A DJ was spinning great tunes, and, even though we slept in, and arrived a little late, there were some amazing bargains to be found.

I thought this deer couple were incredible, although a little creepy.

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I’m a graduand!

This week I (finally) finished my degree. Hooray!

It’s also been super gorgeous in Edinburgh, I feel like everyone’s celebrating. Probably because they are. I’ve had a relaxing couple of days, with BBQ-ing (boy made tuna and ginger burgers, they were SO GOOD), walking in the sunshine, and a whole lot of champagne. Now there will be a whole lot of photos. Later today I hope to share a vintage fair story.

Congraduations (anyone? no?)

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Halfway there and pancakes!

I am in the middle of some pretty tough exams right now. Eek.

The good news is, I’m going to be (finally) done in a week and a half. 2 more exams. 6 (and a bit) more hours.

This morning, to prepare for a long hard day of synthetic organic chemistry, I made my first ever blueberry pancakes.

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Best ever chilli

Boy and I have been perfecting our his chilli recipe recently, and it’s gotten pretty good.

We use beer as our base, rather than the red wine, chocolate, or coffee that is suggested in different recipes. First, fry onion and garlic, then add quorn mince (or minced beef, if that’s more your style). After the meat (substitute) has cooked, start adding vegetables and chillies. I like red peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn, and maybe courgette. At the moment, for some reason, we can only get hold of not so hot fat chillies, or bird eyes. Hopefully that’ll change soon. I love jalapenos.

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