Best ever chilli

Boy and I have been perfecting our his chilli recipe recently, and it’s gotten pretty good.

We use beer as our base, rather than the red wine, chocolate, or coffee that is suggested in different recipes. First, fry onion and garlic, then add quorn mince (or minced beef, if that’s more your style). After the meat (substitute) has cooked, start adding vegetables and chillies. I like red peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn, and maybe courgette. At the moment, for some reason, we can only get hold of not so hot fat chillies, or bird eyes. Hopefully that’ll change soon. I love jalapenos.

Sorry about the blur, action shot.

Then it’s time for cayenne and paprika. Add these in equal amounts, and liberally. I like to add crushed chilli flakes at this stage as well. Stir stir stir, and when all of the vegetables are cooked, add a bottle of beer. To drink, I like lager the best, boy likes ales, but we’re both agreed that for this a good lager is the best tasting.

Add 2 tins of tomatoes, and a teaspoon bouillion powder, or a crumbled up stock cube. After that, leave to simmer and reduce down into a chilli-like consistency, instead of a soupy one. While you’re waiting, have a drink and watch an episode of Angel (maybe that’s just us).

Eat with rice, or in tacos, with plenty of sour cream.

This week, the boys have been adventuring outside, on their leads. Apart from a run in with a highly excitable toddler (he wasn’t gentle, I was grumpy), the adventuring went very well. They are beautiful.

I knitted a scarf for Smudge, and boy just took it home to him. Apparently he doesn’t mind wearing it. Shocker.


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