I’m a graduand!

This week I (finally) finished my degree. Hooray!

It’s also been super gorgeous in Edinburgh, I feel like everyone’s celebrating. Probably because they are. I’ve had a relaxing couple of days, with BBQ-ing (boy made tuna and ginger burgers, they were SO GOOD), walking in the sunshine, and a whole lot of champagne. Now there will be a whole lot of photos. Later today I hope to share a vintage fair story.

Congraduations (anyone? no?)

Lovely sunshine activities

Things I’ve been looking forward to:
1. Reading Lula (best magazine ever)

2. Frozen yoghurt from an incredible new place. YUM.

3. My first ever tankard of beer.

Yummy things we’ve been eating (some recipes to come):

excellent sushi

5 whole sea bass (for five whole people)

Mackerel salad

Welcome to Summer!


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