A Russian holiday in Greece

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of friends went to Greece. We stayed with some wonderful Georgian relatives of my beautiful friend Kat, and everything was lovely. Especially the food.

Now I will post far too many pictures of delicious and pretty things. I might do the same thing tomorrow.

The Greek answer to ratatouille. Aubergine, pepper and tomato with oregano and feta.

Giant chunks of pork barbecued on what I can only describe as sword-sized skewers. Marinated in soy and orange. These were tasty.

A giant fire pit…

for cooking fish in baskets.

Greek beer on the beach…

and Georgian lemonade on a road trip. This also came in tarragon flavour. Weird choice, but tasty.

I think that’s enough holiday photo sharing for now.

I love pilmeni. There are no pictures, but they are the georgian/russian (don’t get them mixed up) answer to pierogi, and they are incredibly tasty.


Also, does anyone know what it means when a muted macbook starts making noises like the ocean? I think it means time to get a new laptop.


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