Things I’ve learned about my bunnies

I think the hardest thing about my impending move is that the bunnies can’t come with me. They will be safe and happy living with my parents, and that makes it a little easier, but I’m going to miss their beautiful faces and their snuffly noses.

I’ve learned a lot in my 11+ months as a bunny mama:

Kingsley Shacklebolt is maybe a genius – video proof will follow when I remember my vimeo password.

Cedric Diggory is a lot more likely to survive in the big bad world (though neither of them will EVER have to) – he’s my streetwise no nonsense boy.

Sometimes Kingsley doesn’t want treats, just good old fashioned hay and a wicker ball to throw around and destroy.

Cedric always wants treats, but will reject certain blueberries if they look funny.

Kingsley is an escape artist, but Cedric will chew at carpet and cage bars and generally make a pretty good attempt to force his way out.

Bunnies, if they have their own way, will get REALLY fat REALLY quickly.

There is no better way to spend a couple of hours doing nothing than watching two rabbits doing their thing.

I also just learned that if I leave boy alone while I am immersed in laptop, then he gets super bored and makes up a concept album.

I’m now going to post a whole bunch of pictures.

They’ve made my life so much more wonderful than I ever expected.


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