Looking the wrong way…

I’ve been in Paris for almost 3 weeks, and I think I’m almost settled.  Aside from one little problem…

I’m still looking right before I cross the road.  Not that big a deal, if I’m waiting patiently for the green man to tell me I’m allowed to cross, but even then, hearing a noise from my right sends me scurrying back to the safety of the pavement.

this picture has nothing to do with the words.

I haven’t even attempted a bike ride yet, as signalling with my left hand is something I rarely do in the UK, and I fear I might fall off. Also, the idea of roundabouts scare me, let alone going around roundabouts the wrong way.

I was so worried about settling in and avoiding the homesickness problem, that, from the other side of the road, an eye infection snuck up on me and knocked me sideways.  This metaphor is now tired.  So after 2 days of not leaving the house, and lying in a dark room – light sensitivity is the absolute worst, I’m back on my feet and ready to actually start living here rather than merely existing.

This weekend, I:

Bought a lovely book for boy, and one for me.

and I can read them both before I see him next.

Had a French person tell me my attempts at French conversation were “trés mignon.”

Did not take this as a compliment.

Went karaoke singing in what seemed to be someone’s cave, where all of the music was French hits from the 90’s.

Cut my own fringe (without glasses on or contacts in, not my finest hour)

Bought myself a bowler hat.

Here are some pictures.

i love those trousers.

gratuitous mug shot.


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One response to “Looking the wrong way…

  1. Kish

    Pardon, je ne comprend pas, est-ce que tu peux traduire? Great to read 🙂

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