In the dark

I just sat down to start typing and my lamp has gone out. My overhead lightbulb has been out for 2 weeks or so. I have the light from the hall, an amber scented candle, and laptop glare. I should have fixed the overhead light earlier. Oops.

this is a gratuitous tourist shot.

This week has been excellent. Children are all at school full time, so a routine is sorting itself out. I’ve been making a lot of mixtapes, and eating some great food. I got locked out in the rain, without a coat, and managed to make the afternoon into something other than a soggy disaster. I finished watching Angel, and cried a huge amount. I accidentally baked cupcakes under the grill instead of with the oven on, and so they had crispy tops. I realised after about 4 minutes, so they were edible, but they didn’t taste like cupcakes.

this is my lunch. it’s beige.

I think I have the 17th figured out. I can get to the family house, school, 3 parks and back to my house without a map. Now I have to add French school to that collection and I’ll be set. I don’t start for another 2 weeks though, so all in good time.

Now, for a whole heap of pictures!

this is a pretty beautiful carousel.

This carousel is in the park right next to the school. I and I had some pretty excellent time there when the boys were in school one afternoon the week before last. It’s a gorgeous park, perfect for enjoying the good weather while it still lasts for an hour or so after school.

this is Kiwi. He’s excellent.

this is a beautiful church in the 17th.

this is some very well timed British comfort food.

I don’t think I have any stories to tell right now.


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