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On Cedric, the noblest of bunnies.

About 16 months ago, 2 tiny fluffy bundles of joy came to live with me. I can’t really remember having any other pets before my gorgeous bunnies arrived, and I don’t think it would be overstating anything to say they changed me. I’d never loved an animal before.

Cedric got suddenly very ill at the end of November, and was taken to hospital. He died the next afternoon, painlessly, and sleepily.

Leaving my bunnies was the hardest part of moving to France. I know my parents are the next best thing, and they have been incredibly selfless in taking in not only all of my possessions, but also my bunnyboys, who instantly proceeded to eat giant holes in the (admittedly ugly) carpet in our dining room. Not being able to explain to them that I’ll be back often to see them, that I love them more than words, and that this isn’t permanent was a struggle. Not being able to be with Cedric as he was sick was even worse. Again, both my parents and the vets were amazing – accepting my calls to check in every hour or so, and reassuring me that he wasn’t in any pain. My parents acted exactly as I would have in the situation, and for that I am grateful.

Baby Cedric Diggory

Cedric was a big bruiser of a bunny. He was braver than Kingsley, sometimes, and he bullied Kingsley often. That’s just how their dynamic went, and I’m certain King didn’t mind one bit. He was incredibly handsome. He made it onto the daily bunny tumblr – something I will forever be proud of. He ate holes in most of my clothes, chewed through cables, attacked the wireless router with his head, and peed on me once while he was eating a raisin. He has gone far too soon, and we miss him every day.

Daily bunny famous

Enjoying the sunshine (apologies for the awful tilt-shift, I can’t undo it)

Probably about to start eating the bed

Actually eating the bed.

Cedric Diggory, we love you.


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