The return of Hieronymus Euripedes

He’s back! And better than ever!
(I switched from using instagram to afterlight…)

IMG_1922Kitsuné Parisien is my soul’s home. Aaaand I just worked out how to do accents on my macbook keyboard. It’s only been 3 years…

IMG_1783Best blurry coffee I’ve ever had. Oh yeah. Filter coffee on ice from Ten Belles. Yummy.

IMG_0119This is some fancy-pants coffee. To be found at Caféotheque. Each barista has a signature coffee cocktail. And they are goooood. ps, always get an iced one. It’s summer, right?

IMG_2056This one is a bit too edited, no? Boy in Grazie. Go there. Eat pizza. Drink cocktails. Reserve a table first.

IMG_2052Then we took embarrassing selfies. Does it count as a selfie if there are two of you?


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