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More final countdowns

I think this is the second “final countdown” I’ve had in a year. Oh my ever-changing days. My job in France is officially over, and now I have about a month of Paris time left to take tourist pictures, and explore about a million places. A google search on “free things to do in Paris” brings up an awful lot. Mostly they involve being in parks. Or museums. That’s a hot weather plan and a rainy day plan all in one. Hooray.


This is just a flipping excellent view

A long time ago (maybe a month?) I bought last-minute evening tickets to Roland Garros, went on a Saturday, queued for a very long time, and ended up on court Phillippe Chatrier just in time to watch Roger Federer play some pretty good tennis against French boy Gilles Simon. Obviously the local crowd were fairly Simon-supporting, but I have a soft spot a mile wide for Federer. He plays tennis like it was invented just for him. Incroyable. The game was quite the tense one, going all the way to five sets – definitely giving us our money’s worth. I am now devastated Federer is out of Wimbledon.  Especially since I have a whole free week to watch it now! I will enjoy the sunshine (please come back, sunshine) in one of the many recommended parks instead.


Federer, doing his thing

Last weekend was Fete de la Musique in France, so I went adventuring with some girls across the capital. There were performers everywhere, all night long. We ended up at the Grand Palais, for a Wanderlust club night. That building is such a beauty. The metro was running all night to take me home, and great fun was had by all. Highlights included the gay club that spilled out into the streets, with bubbles being blown up into the sky, and a Brazilian drumming group that were playing for hours and hours near Hotel de Ville. They were excellent.

photo-1 photo-2


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In the dark

I just sat down to start typing and my lamp has gone out. My overhead lightbulb has been out for 2 weeks or so. I have the light from the hall, an amber scented candle, and laptop glare. I should have fixed the overhead light earlier. Oops.

this is a gratuitous tourist shot.

This week has been excellent. Children are all at school full time, so a routine is sorting itself out. I’ve been making a lot of mixtapes, and eating some great food. I got locked out in the rain, without a coat, and managed to make the afternoon into something other than a soggy disaster. I finished watching Angel, and cried a huge amount. I accidentally baked cupcakes under the grill instead of with the oven on, and so they had crispy tops. I realised after about 4 minutes, so they were edible, but they didn’t taste like cupcakes.

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I didn’t write anything

This time.

But I saw this video, and thought it was lovely.

Tiny hipster children are my favourite.

How to visit a French bakery

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Wedding time!

Today my very best friend in the whole world is getting married. So. Excited.

I’m also at home, away from my bunboys, sad. I have been hanging out with these lovely chaps, though.



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Even more vintage

As a light study break, last weekend I went to a vintage fair with my lovely friend Kat.

Run by the same folk that organised the vintage kilo sale I went to a month or so ago, this event showcased a lot of local independent vintage retailers, including Miss Dixiebelle, a shop just down the road from me. They were styling the most beautiful hairdos. A DJ was spinning great tunes, and, even though we slept in, and arrived a little late, there were some amazing bargains to be found.

I thought this deer couple were incredible, although a little creepy.

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I’m a graduand!

This week I (finally) finished my degree. Hooray!

It’s also been super gorgeous in Edinburgh, I feel like everyone’s celebrating. Probably because they are. I’ve had a relaxing couple of days, with BBQ-ing (boy made tuna and ginger burgers, they were SO GOOD), walking in the sunshine, and a whole lot of champagne. Now there will be a whole lot of photos. Later today I hope to share a vintage fair story.

Congraduations (anyone? no?)

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I heart vintage

When I was 14, I went on a German exchange. After Sigrid had visited my family, we exchanged letters and emails until it was time for me to head over to Freiburg. In April, I received a letter from her, containing a picture of her house surrounded by about 4 feet of snow. On the back it had what she told me was an old German saying, which roughly translates as “In April, the weather does whatever it likes.”

This April, the weather really has been doing whatever the heck it wants.

Yesterday, I got caught in heavy rainshowers, and blown to pieces, and forced to stop in the street to remove many layers because it was SO FLIPPING WARM.

After work, I headed to Out of the Blue, just off Leith walk, for a vintage kilo sale.

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