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Is this the best burger in Newcastle? Part two: The Fat Hippo

The second, maybe superior, burger in Newcastle was found at the Fat Hippo. Good name. The burger menu here was more extensive than ARLO, but the menu was almost entirely burgers. We had jalapeño poppers and something else (mustn’t have been as good) with bloody mary dipping sauce, and then “Stinky Pete” burgers. The waiter warned us they would come pink in the middle, which is as they should be, but it was odd that it was more of a notification than anything else.

May in Newcastle - 28

There were also onion rings (because, um, onion rings!), and more chunky home fries made with the skin on (thank you, potato deities).

I had a Blue Moon and boy had a Jeremiah Weed sour mash, which was so good that I had to order one for myself.

May in Newcastle - 26

Jeremiah Weed glasses make me want to drink out of a straw on my (nonexistent) porch. Good stuff.

And now, for the token cute animal picture…

May in Newcastle - 34

Roger! My sister’s no-longer-a-kitten. He’s a good’un.


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Is this the best burger in Newcastle? Part one: ARLO

I think it probably is. As far as I can tell, the Newcastle food scene isn’t exactly brilliant. There were 2 pretty good burgers to be eaten there, though. And we ate them in very quick succession (2 nights in a row. It felt good.) The first was in a cute tiny place I found by googling “food+jesmond” since I figured Jesmond was the place for a food revolution, if one was happening. We walked in the rain for about half an hour to find it. It was well worth the walk and the hunger – I thought boy was going to pass out.

ARLO is well designed, and was packed out when we arrived, at about 12:30. The barista station had a huge pile of amazing tempting cakey goodies piled up on top of it, which I succumbed to once the burger had been eaten. Nobody asked how the burgers were to be cooked, so they weren’t as pink in the middle as I would have liked, but they came quickly, and with a pile of amazing home fries, skin on, as they should be.

May in Newcastle - 20

Couldn’t resist taking a bite before I remembered to take a picture…

May in Newcastle - 19

There was also a board of hummus, crudites, tzatziki, and pittas. I’m not sure how I feel about the serving-on-chopping-boards thing. Yes, it’s very photogenic, but it’s also getting a little old, don’tcha think?

May in Newcastle - 18

Fries and chutney. Yes.

Since we were in Newcastle, here is a token photo of my beautiful bunboy.

May in Newcastle - 01

He gets more handsome every single day.

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Is this the best burger in Paris? Part one: Breakfast in America

Just look at this beauty!

I am, once again, on a burger kick. While the French might not be great at eating with their hands (I’ve seen burgers eaten with knife and fork), there are still a number of decent burgers to be had. I’m going to eat them all, and then pick my favourite (and probably eat there far too often).

First up, Breakfast in America.

Breakfast in America 2 is in the Marais, very close to Saint Paul métro, which happens to be one of my favourites (is it weird to have a favourite métro stop?). There is always a queue outside, but it doesn’t take too long to get inside and seated.

I had the burger of the day, which as far as I can tell changes daily, but I definitely can’t visit often enough to know for sure. Signs inside explain that all of the beef for the burgers is of French origin. Ace. Boy had the So Cal burger – with mushrooms, avocado, and gruyere (pescetarian, what pescetarian?) which is maybe the best combination of burger toppings ever.

I made a fairly major mistake in ordering coleslaw instead of fries with my burger – I was rewarded with the biggest coleslaw side I have ever seen – no one could ever eat that much. Also, I don’t know if it’s a French thing or not, but so far all the coleslaw I’ve had here has been oddly sweet. I don’t think it’s my favourite. Fries are good, but not excellent, and our shared side of cheese fries went down fairly well.

We washed it all down with Sam Adams, which was excellent.

I don’t know if Breakfast in America will be my favourite burger in all of Paris, but I will definitely be back to try a more breakfast-y pancake option.

Stay tuned for more meaty nonsense. And maybe another sort-of-series, in which I adventure to try and find the best coffee in Paris.


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I’m a graduand!

This week I (finally) finished my degree. Hooray!

It’s also been super gorgeous in Edinburgh, I feel like everyone’s celebrating. Probably because they are. I’ve had a relaxing couple of days, with BBQ-ing (boy made tuna and ginger burgers, they were SO GOOD), walking in the sunshine, and a whole lot of champagne. Now there will be a whole lot of photos. Later today I hope to share a vintage fair story.

Congraduations (anyone? no?)

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Halfway there and pancakes!

I am in the middle of some pretty tough exams right now. Eek.

The good news is, I’m going to be (finally) done in a week and a half. 2 more exams. 6 (and a bit) more hours.

This morning, to prepare for a long hard day of synthetic organic chemistry, I made my first ever blueberry pancakes.

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On y va

I’m in the middle of a very long set of train journeys.  I left Tournan en Brie about 7 and a half hours ago, and I’m due in Edinburgh in 3.

This is the stir fry I promised last week. Apologies for the delay, and also apologies that it’s really a pretty obvious recipe.

Marinate chicken in soy sauce, oyster sauce, lime juice, chilli, and sesame oil. Fry shallots, garlic, and spring onions in flavourless oil in a wok. When they’re soft, add chilli and grated ginger, and stir for another couple of minutes.

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Bridal shower and April showers

A couple of weekends ago I helped to organise the bridal shower and hen party of my lovely friend Lesley. She’s not getting married until early June, but there are important exams for a couple of bridesmaids (myself included) between now and then.

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