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Back to Britain

I've been back in the UK for about 3 days now, and, while I'm missing Paris an awful lot, I'm also enjoying being back with my family, and trying to organise the Durham-based next year. There are some flipping amazing adventures to be had in that tiny city.

Today I discovered an incredible ice cream parlour in Northumberland. Wheelbirks is a dairy farm in the middle of the best countryside in, well, the country. They have the oldest, and the only pedigree Jersey herd in Northumberland, and those are some gorgeous cows. The parlour is in a converted barn, and it is stunning. All ice cream is made at the farm, from milk from the Jersey cows.

Adorable table names.

The menu is great – the ploughman's lunch is served with an impressive wodge of cheese, but I couldn't resist the ice cream. Flavours included apple & caramel, maple & pecan praline, peach & raspberry, wild cherry, and a delicious jersey cream. I had maple & pecan and jersey cream, and it was the biggest ice cream I've ever eaten. Incredible.

Boy had wild cherry with peach & raspberry.

Out of the back of the café is an orchard with a wee play area, lots of space for sitting in the sunshine, and some very happy looking chickens. There's also space to visit and coo over the calves from a small distance. A little shop in the parlour stocks local treats. My favourites were the woven baskets, and I couldn't resist some unperfumed honey and beeswax lip balm, made in Berwick-upon-Tweed, which is not very far away at all. Milk from the herd and pints of the delicious ice cream are also available to purchase and enjoy at home.

I love my satchel, and this Union Jack printed chesterfield.

I also love the pictures on the wall, from the early days of the farm (one is from 1936!)
My Father's cycle club were here today as their rest stop mid-ride. I've never seen so many bikes. It was a thing of beauty.

I am fairly certain that Wheelbirks is going to become my new go-to place for all of my ice cream cravings.

Just beautiful.



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A little look around my home

I’ve been living in my beautiful little dreamflat with flatmate for almost 2 months now, and we’re definitely getting towards being unpacked and settled. I thought I’d share some pictures of our lovely work in progress so far.

Flatmate found this chesterfield sofa on gumtree, and we went to uplift it from a room that wasn’t much longer than the sofa. It’s super comfortable, and about 7 feet long. Amazing for when friends come visit.

Sunflowers and typewriter. Beautiful.

This chalkboard came to me this week from etsy, from a lovely couple just outside of Edinburgh. I’m going to hang it in the kitchen, and it’s going to be a brilliant meal planning aid.

Our living room is on the ground floor, so we have shutters in the living room! They’re so pretty, and keep in so much heat!

This is Mama Schultz’s Singer sewing machine, and my new best friend. It is a classic machine and still perfectly formed and in working order. Getting to know this beast has been a pleasure so far, and I’m looking forward to becoming more competent.

I’m also in the middle of upscaling our hideous lampshade, so that it becomes a thing of beauty. Updates will probably be in DIY Friday this week.

love, becs

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